Frequently Asked Questions

  • Service can be booked and availed ranging from as soon as 15 min to a time span of 7 days in advance.

  • Yes, an appointment can be rescheduled. But once the expert is assigned, we would suggest that they should be the primary point of contact. Further, if any queries arise then you can contact ATDOORSTEP Customer Support

  • As soon as a professional is assigned to you, the Servicemen would be contacting you. Choose the most preferred time and they would reach your doorstep accordingly.

  • If you face any difficulty with the vendor, you can get in touch with ATDOORSTEP customer support team. Based on the nature of the problem, we will render our best-suited assistance.

  • As per the requirement of the services, ATDOORSTEP provides the best-suited experts for you. However, on special request, choosing vendors on your terms can be taken under consideration.