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How it Works

We house a team of professional Mattress cleaning Dubai, who helps all the customers to wipe off the dust of the mattress. Our experts are capable of cleaning even the inaccessible corners of the mattress.  Furthermore, we sanitize the mattress to keep it germ and bacteria-free. 

  • Our mattress cleaning experts initially start with the cleaning and dusting part, you will notice a significant change in your mattress. We ensure to use tools that will help to get rid of the dust even from the trickiest part of the mattress.

  • Proceeding with vacuuming to shampooing, our proficient experts will apply all the required cleaning methods to keep you safe from allergens and dust mites. Removing all the minimal components like moisture, dust, dead skin has become easier with the trained experts of atdoortstep. 

  • Additionally, you will get professional help in eliminating the spots and stains from the mattress. We use eco-friendly chemicals and products that maintain the complete safety of the kids in the house and pets. The sanitizers are also hospital-products and have proper certification.

The unclean and untidy mattress can be host to deadly bacterias that can result in harmful skin diseases. We make sure that through our recommendable mattress cleaning service dedicatedly eliminate all such health risks through our powerful vacuuming tools and other cleaning products.

We even incorporate steaming technology, UV inspection to help you get a peaceful sleep through an extensive mattress cleaning process. Undertaking the mattress cleaning service periodically from our professionals will not only clean your mattress but also intensify the overall indoor air quality. 

Mattress Cleaning Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Mattress Cleaning Dubai has the best trained and experienced team of mattress cleaning experts who work with advanced equipment to provide you with an effective result. You can put your worries aside as soon as you join with our exclusive range of mattress cleaning services.

Mattress Stain Removal

It is important to remove the stains from your mattress because, after a time, it can smell bad. So, we atdoorstep, are here for you to abolish the spots and stains from your mattress. At first, the professionals will spray a spot lifter onto the mattress to lift and clean the stains. Then, they proceed with the water extraction process to utterly clear the stain on the mattress. 

Mattress Dust Mite Removal

Being a top-leading mattress cleaning service provider, we ensure to all our customers that we will make your mattress dust and mite free. And to do that, our certified mattress cleaning experts use high power and an environment-friendly vacuum cleaner that will trap 99% dust. Besides, it will kill the harmful bacterias, mites and other deadly viruses existing in the mattress. 

Mattress Anti-Allergen Cleaning

Disinfection is necessary to kill all the bacterias and viruses, using the right kind of application. Applying a non-chemical disinfectant on the mattress, we will help you to stay germ-free. This chemical is mainly an unscented one that can neutralize the odour from the mattress. Moreover, this disinfectant is safe for your textiles and even kills harmful microbes 

Mattress Sanitising

The mattress is the breeding ground for germs and mites. Moreover, the air circulation of Dubai can make your mattress put your health on risk. So, sanitization is necessary and our proficient experts provide necessary means to destroy the harmful microorganisms. Further, the experts will sanitize the surface of the mattress using the right chemical and tools. 


Everyone spends more than one-third of their life lying on the mattress. Simply cleaning the bed is not enough, a clean mattress is essential to keep aside health hazards. Mattresses are capable of hiding dust and debris, causing the foul smell and in certain aspects itchiness too. It gets exposed to sweat, drools, pet furs, and with regular cleaning and vacuuming, you can get rid of this. Our experts can show you how. 

If you are more to a new apartment or planning to welcome new guests or tenants then a quality cleaning matters a lot. Being a top-leading mattress cleaning service provider, Atdoorstep thrive to provide you with a high-class mattress cleaning treatment. Starting from deep cleaning and sanitizing to spot cleaning, our well-trained professionals can be your ultimate helping partner. 

Our premium mattress cleaning Dubai is designed mainly to meet all our customers' demands and to provide them with on-time assistance. Meeting all your requirements is our prime concern. We ensure that your mattress is free from dust mites, dirt and allergens.

We are one of the renowned and top-rated home service providers across Dubai. We help you to join hands with reliable mattress cleaning experts, who are highly-experienced and knowledgeable. They undergo thorough verification and are trained to implement advanced procedures to ensure deep cleaning. 

For any kind of mattress cleaning requirements, you can always rely on Atdoorstep. Our prime focus is to provide all our customers with a high-quality mattress cleaning service at their place. More than 25,000+ cleaning experts are associated with us to help you out. 

All the registered mattress cleaning experts have gone through several training sessions before they are enlisting with Atdoortsep. If you are searching for a reliable and efficient cleaning partner or want to request a service, we claim to be your ultimate guide. 

Hire Proficient Mattress Cleaning Experts For You

We care about you and all your mattress cleaning based requirements. By providing a top-notched mattress cleaning service, we assist you to stay clean and safe from the health issues. We claim to be part of one of the best places offering the people of Dubai a reasonable service package. And, when it comes to reliability and accuracy, our professionals are the best choice for that.

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