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We house a team of skilled and highly experienced drivers who are in this driving field for more than years. Moreover, our experts will help you to reach your destination within the prescribed time. Also, don't forget to mention the number of passengers who will be travelling with you and the type of car you need. 

  • Hiring a car with experienced drivers helps in managing travel requirements. Additionally, by just filling up simple required information you can get the best cars and drivers from Atdoorstep.

  • Start your day-to-day journey with Atdoorstep. Additionally, you can book our cars with drivers whenever you want. We are available round the clock with suitable cars and trustworthy drivers. We value all your travel-related requirements.

  • Get a more comfortable and convenient means of transportation by just renting a car with a driver in Dubai. Moreover, if you don’t want to avail public transportation, because of the heavy crowd, rent a car along with the top-class drivers from Atdoorstep. 

  • Additionally, our skilled drivers will reach at your doorstep at your convenient time and date. And, they have immense knowledge about every route and street and alternative shortcut lanes of Dubai. So, you can help you to reach your destination on time. 

  • All the drivers associated with us obey the traffic rules and drive safely. Moreover, they make sure you reach your location without any disruption. Get connected with us and get your desirable cars with verified drivers. 

Types of Cars with Drivers Offered by Atdoorstep

We offer the best cars to rent and that too along with the dedicated and highly-experienced drivers for your purpose. And, you just need to mention your purpose for renting the car and the destination. Based on that, we will arrange our premium car facilities.

Economy Cars

This type of car will be beneficial if you want to travel with more than three persons. Mainly, economy cars are small in size and if you want to travel a small distance, opt for renting economy cars. Additionally, Atdoorstep offers some of the renowned economy cars with professional drivers to reach your destination. 

Compact Cars

Atdoorstep offers compact cars with reliable drivers. And, all you just need to do is, mention the pick-up location, date, and time. We will send a compact car with a driver right at your doorstep. Moreover, once you are done with renting a car with a driver in Dubai, we will send you all the details of the Drivers. We always look forward to presenting you with a car rental with suitable compact cars related requirements. 

Full-Sized Cars

These types of cars fall under the category of the most reputed car brands. And, if you want to attend your office meetings or want to go to any prestigious places, opt for renting full-sized cars with our high-class and qualified drivers. Make your every ride smooth by just connecting with Atdoorstep.

Premium Cars

Get premium category cars by just associating with Atdoorstep. Additionally, renting this type of car enables a smooth and comfortable ride. Moreover, owing to the size of the car, you get plenty of space to carry all your luggage and it will be suitable for business purposes as well. So, rent a car with driver in Dubai from one of the top-rated service providers. 

Luxury Cars and Convertibles

These types of cars will be suitable for attending high-end events. And, being one of the top-notched car drivers service providers, we offer luxury and convertible cars with drivers in Dubai. Rent these types of cars, if you are planning to go for a long vacation, or planning a wedding. 


Atdoorstep have one of the best kind of SUVs in Dubai. Additionally, the SUVs come in different sizes. So, rent this type of car by just connecting with Atdoorstep and get trustable and efficient drivers who can drive these cars with ease and smoothly. Moreover, depending on the purpose and number of people, we assist all our customers with suitable SUV cars.


Owning a car comes with a lot of hassles such as periodical maintenance and repair. If you want to get rid of this stress then book and rent a car with professional drivers for your purpose. Whether you want to travel somewhere or want to reach on time at your office or school meetings, rent a car with driver in Dubai. 

And, when it comes to providing rent cars with experienced drivers, Atdoorstep is here to assist you with the best. Additionally, we care about your safety and convenience. And, keeping in mind your privacy-related concerns, we have designed a customer-oriented service platform. 

Moreover, all the drivers are skilled and have been in this domain for more than a decade. They have immense knowledge in driving different models of yours. You just need to mention the type of car you want from us, at the time of bookings and we will reach you at your place at your mentioned time. 

We value all your needs and requirements. And, by fulfilling each and every customer request is the prime goal of Atdoorstep. We have gained a huge reputation in offering premium quality cars with drivers for our customers. 

We are one of the largest and top-rated marketplaces for providing cars with top-class drivers in Dubai. Atdoorstep first checks your preferences and based on that helps you to connect with reliable drivers with eminent cars available in Dubai. And, when it comes to driving a car, safety is the first thing that matters. And, hence we are engaged with verified and authorized drivers who can serve your purpose. 

Additionally, all registered drivers maintain persistent behaviour with every customer. They are quite friendly and communicative and keep you up-to-date with the upcoming roads and places that you come across. More than thousands of drivers are associated with us to take you to your desired location. 

Moreover, these drivers have gone through several training sessions to serve you the best before getting listed under Atdoorstep. So, rent your desired cars with highly-experienced drivers from Atdoorstep.

Rent Pre-eminent Cars with Reliable Drivers Across Dubai

Customer requirements get our prior attention. And, fulfilling all your travel based demands is the main motto of Atdoorstep. We have designed our online platform especially for you so that you can rent a car with driver in Dubai, with ease. Moreover, we offer only high-quality drivers so that your ride is easy and safe. So, if you want reliability and accuracy, Atdoorstep is where you can get prompt service. 

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