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Best & Affordable Gardening Services in Dubai 
Undoubtedly, a backyard garden enhances the overall value of the house. Every homeowner should opt for periodical pruning, mowing or trimming the plants. But, sometimes, performing these basic gardening jobs can be nerve-wracking for an individual. Even maintaining a garden can be a tedious chore for many homeowners. Now, due to lack of maintenance, there will be unwanted fungi growth. And, these fungi can prevent the plants or shrubs from growing properly. Moreover, without servicing, pest infestation might increase in the gardens. 

You might have spent an ample amount of time choosing the plants for the garden. But, if you don’t maintain them, that can lead to soil erosion. Prevent these sorts of problems by joining hands with Atdoorsteep. We are a leading garden service provider who can preserve the aesthetics of your garden. 

Moreover, our professionals can handle the unique gardening needs of our customers. From choosing the right fertiliser to gardening beds, we can help you with everything. So, hurry up! Schedule an appointment with our experts in gardening services in Dubai now. 

One-Stop Destination to Get Efficient Gardening Services in Dubai — Atdoorstep
Do you know the amount of water the flower plants need? Or, need assistance in growing fresh vegetables in your garden? Atdoorstep is there to help you out. Being a renowned service company, we strive to offer impeccable gardening services in Dubai. 

Moreover, we have the right tools and equipment that are required for rendering a perfect gardening experience. Keep the backyard garden in a top-notch condition by connecting with our professionals of gardening services in Dubai. 

More than 100+ residents of Dubai have availed our gardening services. We have teamed up with the top-ranked gardening experts who have years of experience. And, we have received positive feedback for our impeccable gardening service. 

With our expert’s collaborative effort, you can maintain the garden efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website, share your requirements and book our service immediately. 

How Our Professionals of Gardening Services in Dubai Assist?
You must know that different types of plants require different types of fertilisers. Using incorrect fertilisers can slow down the growth of the plants. So, if you don’t have knowledge about the basic gardening tasks, contact us. We will help you to choose the right fertiliser for your plants. 

Our professionals will first check the type of plant you have. After that, we will add the fertilisers to the soil so that the plants can survive for a long time. Moreover, some plants have special requirements, such as they need to be fertilised after six/eight months. At the same time, some plants can survive without fertilisers for months. 

We will give you a clear insight on when to add fertilisers to the garden plants. We will even help you to choose the right place to plant the herbs, shrubs or ornamental plants. And for that, all you need to do is hire our skilled professionals right away. 

A Plethora of Gardening Services in Dubai, We Offer
At Atdoorstep, we offer more than 10+ gardening services across Dubai. Recently, we have added a few more services to improve our customer’s experience. You might water the plants every day. But, that’s not enough if you want to keep the plants alive in Dubai’s hot-humid climate. 

Moreover, many homeowners overwater their plants. And, that can damage the plant’s root and can even drown and rot the plants. This is where our professional gardening service experts play the most important role. We know how often the different types of plants need to be watered. 

Are you struggling to keep the garden healthy and fresh throughout the year? Take our professional guidance to retain the garden’s alluring condition. Moreover, our garden services in Dubai professionals will take utmost care of your garden. 

We offer both monthly and weekly gardening services in Dubai. We maintain a high professional standard while offering residential or commercial gardening services in Dubai. So, choose a preferable time and mention the address to yield a desirable result. But, before our professionals, take a look at the gardening services we offer:

Garden Cleaning Services
Maintaining a pristine condition of the garden can be difficult without cleaning. Moreover, if you have a busy work schedule, then you wouldn’t get enough time to clean the garden. Over time, a garden can get filled with dry leaves or other elements. And, this can decline the overall appearance of this backyard space. 

But, with regular garden clean ups, you can prevent the pests from breeding. Moreover, the homeowners can improve the plant health by taking the right step. So, get in touch with Atdoorstep for effective garden cleaning services. 

Our professional will remove the dead branches from the trees. Additionally, we will trim the damaged branches as well. We will even remove hazardous items from the garden. Are you thinking - when you should book our garden cleaning service? Hire our experts before spring and remove the clutter without any hassle. Our team of professional gardening services in Dubai will mow the grass to keep the garden in its perfect shape. 

Artificial Grass Installation 
Atdoorstep has acquired massive recognition for installing artificial grass in the house gardens. So, if you are thinking of getting it, schedule an appointment with our gardening services in Dubai expert. We follow a strategic approach to complete the artificial grass installation projects within an hour. 

Don’t watch any D-I-Y grass installation video. Instead, let us know when you want to install this artificial plant in the garden. Our professionals will reach out to you to get this gardening job done. 

Nowadays, you will find artificial grass in many residential or commercial buildings. Because it requires less maintenance and doesn't require frequent mowing. So, if you are planning to switch to this smart solution, we are there to offer the ultimate assistance. 

Our experts can perfectly do all prerequisites like compacting, cementing and levelling. We make sure the artificial grass is installed in such a way that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. 

Garden Maintenance Services
After the 9-5 job, it could be hectic for an individual to attend the garden maintenance task. But, you don't have to fret over anything when Atdoorstep is here. We provide monthly and yearly garden maintenance services in Dubai. 

Moreover, our experts can work on the different gardens, irrespective of their size. Starting from weeding to mulching to strimming - we cover everything. Additionally, we will thoroughly check the roots of the problematic plants. Our professionals can also undertake pruning activities efficiently. 

Have you recently installed an irrigation system in the garden? We will check that as well during the garden maintenance. Our professionals will look for the leaks and clogs of the sprinklers systems. Overall, we try to ensure that the irrigation systems will provide their optimal performance in the long run. Moreover, we will even inspect the drip pipes of the house garden. Our professionals gardening services in Dubai will make it clog-free if required.

What Benefits We Have Included in our Garden Maintenance Services?
Compact soil is essential for the growth of plants. However, overdoing can hinder the plants from growing over time. Sometimes, it might be difficult to identify this sort of soil-related problem. But, our certified experts of gardening services in Dubai can acknowledge them easily. We will opt for fixing the over-compacted soil by using an advanced aerator. 

Moreover, let us know if you need to apply trace elements like copper or boron in the soil. Our professionals will go for tissue testing to determine which sort of trace elements will be right for the plant soil. And, if you need to install high-quality garden stakes, we can do that for you. Our professionals will even adjust the existing garden stakes if required. 

Container/Pot Gardening Services
If you want to add colours to your garden, avail of our container gardening services. Additionally, container gardening is ideal for houses that have little or no garden space. You can grow basils, chives, themes and other herbs with this gardening service. And, our professional will help you to get quality containers or pots for the garden. We will make sure the root pots come out from the pots or containers. 

If you want to trim the roots of the existing containers, book a service with us. Connect with us and get the right size and different-coloured pots at an affordable price. Over the years, more than 30+ customers have availed our container gardening services in Dubai. So, spend a few AED and get an instant container gardening service now.

Plant Addition
Don’t know how to plant perennials or shrubs in the garden? Or, how can you grow these plants in the best way? Then, call our professional gardening services in Dubai for the ultimate help. In the scorching Dubai heat, the planted garden trees can dry out. 

So, our prime responsibility goes into providing shades for these trees. Additionally, we will get you the plants that can resist parasite growth. Our professionals will even help you to choose the plants that are less prone to diseases. 

Landscape Design Service
Landscaping design is one of the essential gardening chores out there. And, we have mastered the art of designing landscapes. Landscaping a house garden might be time-consuming. Moreover, this sort of gardening work can become quite difficult to continue for a homeowner. 

Thus, we have added landscape design services to our platform. So, if you want to revamp the existing garden design, join our gardening services in Dubai . We will carry out the major repair works and renovate the garden with the necessary elements. Increase the resale value of the property by becoming a member of our service network. 

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our Professionals of Gardening Services in Dubai?
Atdoorstep has stayed ahead in this competitive market with its integrity and accountability. We are committed to delivering the best gardening services in Dubai. Additionally, we offer exceptional client support facilities. 

Our professionals use organic fertilisers for garden plants. Moreover, we never compromise with the standard of pesticides. Once you plant the shrubs or trees, there is no longer a need to worry about shearing. 

We use advanced gardening methods and materials. We have enlisted only those experts who are reliable, veteran and competent. Our professionals don’t use hazardous chemicals for plant treatment. We have set a benchmark for offering seasonal splitting and replanting services. Moreover, our experts provide the best gardening tips, which will be helpful in the long run. So, make the best use of the remaining space of the garden with our guidance. 

Best Gardening Service Experts are a Call Away!
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