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How it Works

It is important to get in touch with top-notched laundry service providers to keep your clothes cleaned and well- maintained. This is where our premium quality and trained professionals in Abu Dhabi come into to do the job, fulfilling all your laundry requirements. Moreover, we offer a plethora of laundry services. 

  • Atdoorstep has a team of individuals who are not only highly experienced in this domain but can also manage all the laundry service-related jobs proficiently. And, this includes dry cleaning, steaming, pressing, ironing, mending, and folding clothes as well.

  • Hire our proficient professional experts and get an effective result in cleaning the washable items like clothes, curtains, bed covers, and other essential thighs. Get a professional hand to enhance the sustainability of the washable materials.

  • You will notice a prominent change in the clothes and other washable items right after our experts accomplish the entire laundry process. Make the clothes and curtains stain-free with proficient experts. Moreover, you can opt for basic dry cleaning to deep cleaning.

  • And, when it comes to the implementation of the chemical solutions, we make sure all the experts are using safe chemical solutions to clean your laundries. Our professionals are dedicated to performing the whole laundry service ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

  • Additionally, we make the laundries free from any kind of germs, dirt, and particles of dust. By just booking our laundry services, you get to lower the burden from your shoulder. For every requirement, our experts can be the best bet.

Laundry Services Offered by Atdoorstep

In Abu Dhabi, availing the experts for your laundry purposes can be less-confusing. Additionally, delicate fabric like silk, wool, linen, and even velvet can get damaged if it is cleaned in the washing machine or with hazardous chemical solutions. 

We understand the importance of using several cleaning methods to prevent the laundries from shrinkage and colour bleeding.

Dry Cleaning

With the prompt resistance of laundry Abu Dhabi, you can now avail several kinds of dry cleaning services. This includes dry cleaning of clothes, curtains, bed covers, pillow covers, and even sofa covers as well. The experts have expertise in cleaning all kinds of garments and that too with efficiency. Additionally, while performing the dry cleaning process, we make sure to use only appropriate chemical products to remove the soils. Our experts undergo a clear garment inspection. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the clothes, curtains, and other required washable items make the items free from the germ. And, during this coronavirus outbreak, it is highly essential to avail dry cleaning service for your laundries to stay safe and healthy. Moreover, in the high humid temperatures of Abu Dhabi, there is a high chance of getting infected by bacterias and other microorganisms. We ensure your clothes, towels and other types of laundries are cleaned with ecological cleaning products and you get high-quality service with the assistance of our professional experts.


It is important to steam clean to keep the garments, curtain, or towels fresh and germ-free. Our team of experts makes sure the fabrics of the laundries are well-cleaned and odor-free. And, if you want to maintain the cleaning standard, then with you get to achieve that. From steam cleaning, every type of garments to curtains, our team can serve the best. Additionally, we not only clean the clothes but ensure to leave a fresh fragrance after steam cleaning. 

Spot-Clearing Treatment

Book an appointment with our associate professional experts and get rid of the tough stains from the laundry. With the implementation of the right cleaning products, we ensure to eliminate the spots. Additionally, we ensure the fabric of the washable items is maintained properly. And keeping in mind all the concerns related to hygiene, we safeguard you and the home environment using only safe and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. 


Once we are done with the cleaning and washing part, we head towards ironing the laundries. Where you live in a villa or apartment, mention the address and time, based on that our team of experts will reach at your place with the required equipment to iron the clothes and other kinds of laundries. Additionally, laundry Abu Dhabi has enough experience in providing the required temperature while rendering the ironing service. 

Laundry Spa

And, when it comes to offering the laundry spa service, we claim to be the best. Atdoorstep puts proper attention to garments to make it clean and soft. Moreover, our proficient team ensures that the texture and fabrics of the garments are kept safe and secured. We ensure an environment-friendly laundry spa service to bring back the comfort and colour of the garments.

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